Friday, October 22, 2010

Back again...!

It's been a long time since I last blogged. Well, it is because of busying with studies and lost my feeling towards blogging...Mostly no time to blog lol =) but I'm back now!

Exam is around the corner which is the week after next..Am I prepared? Answer is NO!!! Not even a subject, I have done with revision. Can consider slacking and slow...I just wanna score well from this semester onwards. Good result = good future!! No more bad result and I think I should change my study method next year, or not, I will still the same me lol =)

Time passed really fast. Tomorrow will be my last day of classes for this semester, which means my second year done and it's approaching 3rd year (final year). I still thinking that I just came into study but I'm graduating for another 2 semesters. It's time to plan for my future in real, maybe after this coming exam. No more about the past, forget about it. It was a burden for me, where I know clearly know that =_="

Arghhh, the thing I hate is I can't concentrate while I wanna study for exam!!! Well, anyhow or whatever things, I will have to stay focus and be serious with it..Laziness no more pleaseee....!!!! がんばってください~~

Alright, will not blog till exam ends..And promise after exam, there'll be more bloggings =P with photos, since going for travel!! Can't wait!!! =)

Hereby, wish everyone who are taking exam, all the best and good luck!!!加油!!! Goodnight ♥

Wednesday, July 7, 2010


Congratulation to Netherlands!!! Didn't sleep the whole night until the match over..At first, the match was so confusing and don't really know what were the players playing. But it was a great match. I was shouting all the way and my mum said I'm so noisy hahaha..Just a bit of excited when Netherlands almost scored goals..One of the player, if not mistaken, player no. 14, his nose and front teeth were kicked by the Uruguay no. 22 player..He bleed a lot, he has the sportman spirit where he still keen to play for the 1st half match =) Rest well, and play well in the final!!!

Another great match tonight, Germany vs Spain ^^ Gonna stay up for the match again.. Both team are good and wish for the best! Me of course support Germany hehehe =) Hopefully Germany got the chance to play in final..

I don't know whether am I thinking too much or what. I just can't stop myself thinking and stay calm. I just wish to meet you and talk to you. I don't know what happened suddenly and out of sudden become like that. I have thought about it many times. Most of the time I think is my fault. My demands, my negative thoughts, my words and the way I am are not right which make you feel that I have changed to another person who not what I am as last time. Can you give me a chance to talk to you..I really know my fault now, give me one more chance..You know I doesn't mean that, pleaseee...I miss you very much do you know? ="( Just one more chance!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Back to Bloggie...

It's been a while I have blogged again. So sorry for not updating as I have no feeling to write and was busying with my exam.

Well, there were many things happened for the past 1 month. First of all, talk about my examination. Before the exam, I am half confident and half worried because some of the topics I don't really understand. With the help of yoke fen, I somehow just got a click about the part of questions that I confused with. Thank you =) During the 3 weeks of preparation + examination, someone has actually motivated me along although it was just a simple one. I feel happy, comfortable and motivated me to study hard for exam.

For the first paper (Cost Info), it can said that I was well prepared compared to the other 3 units but out of no where the final paper is so so so much harder than past years and what we expected. When I was attempting the paper, I was once wanna give up but of course I not dare to because no try sure failed, you try there's a chance you might got it right and if you do, sure there is some pity marks. So I just hope that I will passed this unit =.= *finger crossed*

For the second paper (AIS), MCQ part was alright but not the practical questions especially modelling part..I guess I was too nervous over the paper. Go on, the third paper (Money Cap), it was quite okay for me and only some part I forgot the points but overall good ^^ And the last paper (Company Reporting), hmmmm it was okay also, only 1 of the questions, I didn't read it beforehand and I only able to remember some..but overall not bad too..

Semester result will be out on the next Friday but it is always come out on the day before (evening), I hope and wish my result is good~!!!! God Bless me!!!

About what had happened and what am I feel blank and lost the way, I really don't know what to say and don't feel like to share it now..I will just see how it goes..New semester is going to start again, what's my feeling? Hmm I have no idea at all, no feel, no nothing, don't know..Haiz..Well, another week to see what I can do perhaps..For now, just do whatever I can..

Everyone is heading to bed now because they wanna catch the football match (Uruguay vs Netherland) later at 2.30am..I am still thinking whether to join them..If I want, I need to sleep now and wake up later..But I am still so awake now >"< LOL...Lets see how..Which team will win?? I guess Netherlands has got the chance but need to see their performance =)

Monday, May 31, 2010

A week before final exam for the semester...

Woke up in the early morning because supposed to meet up with someone. Starting off with some reading on cost info subject while waiting a message to come..After a while, proceed to send emails to lecturers and read on company reporting online. Well, today's meeting up is cancelled, a bit of disappointment. It's okay..

My examination time table is as follow:
11 June 2010 - Cost Information for Decision Making
14 June 2010 - Accounting for Information System and Financial Modelling
18 June 2010 - Money and Capital Markets
21 June 2010 - Company Reporting
22 June 2010 - 18 July 2010 = HOLIDAYS!!!! =)

The days after assignments ended, the level of productivity is really totally out, not as usual. I have no idea what happened. I have talked to friends around me, they are the same as well. I wondered why hmmm....I think I have lack of motivation this time, although I have the strong mind that I wanna score well this semester!

I know part of the motivation is always come from someone but till now I don't have anything yet. Just hope someone can motivates me in a way. Also, I have to stary strong to fight with the lazy worms in my body. After all, only 1 week + for exam, one blink that's over. So have to work hard for the exam, then I can enjoy my birthday celebrations and go for relaxations (my plans!!!) ^^

Hereby, wish myself and everyone who are taking examination starting next week, GOOD LUCK AND ALL THE BEST!!! =D

Friday, May 21, 2010

A moody day...

Well, it's been a long time I have blogged..And now, countdown 3 weeks to final for this semester. Time passed so fast! One blinked, half a year gone =S

How am I so far? Not too good and not too bad. About studies, I think I'm still okay with it. Today handed in last assignment for the semester and another last online quiz due next week. It's time to marry to the books and wish to get good scores this semester, cannot afford to have any low marks anymore. It's not going to be a fun thing.Just hope for the best and try my best.

Don't know why I'm not in a very good mood these days. I feel like I'm hating myself and whatever I do are bad and wrong..I really wondering what happened??!! I put my eyes to see and my heart to feel people beside me, well one of my friend is so emo about everything she faced, I don't comment much as I can't even handling myself well yet. Some are so good, because they have someone to accompany them when they are down, sick, sad, depressed, happy, excited and everything. And of course, can share out with parents but when you have someone in heart, you're just hoping him/her to be the one you can share with as well because he/she is one of the important one besides parents.

I have no idea why..Maybe because I'm too sensitive or whatever. I just feel unsafe and don't what sort of feelings I have now. A simple thing that I already mentioned many times, I'm tired to keep on mention. I have tried to ignore my down feeling, I wanna find someone to share my feeling out. But it seems no one =( I can only keep to myself. I can only force myself to do more work to keep myself busy that's all..

I still have parents' care of course and from friends as well but not you! Seriously, I don't know what to say anymore..I really hope my wish that I expected so long will come through soon..I'm scared, confused, etc...

Well, don't wanna make my blog so emo again. I just wanna express out my feeling here today, I feel a bit better now..I wish everyone who are having exam soon, a Happy Studying ^^ がんばってください!!! ciaoz...

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Long time...

Sorry for being so long not updating my bloggie =)
Have been busy and lotsa things to settle!
I will be back here to share my moments with you in another few weeks time perhaps!

Stay tuned! ^^ Have a nice may month!!

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Days during summer~

Right after my last semester's exam , I already started my internship for 3 months. Say long not long, say short not short. It was a great internship, I met quite a number of new friends aka colleagues. They are friendly and willing to help each other. The thursday was my last day of internship. Yeah I'm wishing to end it fast because I miss all my friends a lot but on the other hand, I don't wish to leave because I get used to work there LOL, contradicting =)

Remember when I was young, I used to wish myself to grow faster because study is torturing and thought working is fun. After I have started to work as in training especially this time, I realised that study is more fun. We should enjoy our study life as much as we can before step into working life seriously. Once you are involve in working life, it won't be an easy life anymore. You know why? Because you gotta work hard to cover up all your expenses, you gotta handle all things yourself everyday and etc.. This is life, we can't escape but to overcome and get everything done in our own ways ^^

Another day more, new semester starts again! Didn't know I'm in my 2nd year of degree and gonna graduate end of next year. Sounds time passed a bit fast and one year older already, no more teen for me =S After knowing my university has introduce new method of conducting classes and new syllabus, I'm actually got a fear and nervous =.=" however, there are challenges that I gotta face it and it's my future, so I will have to work hard =D I hope I can do better this semester and the remaining ones lol!

I have many thoughts and feelings in my heart but I don't know how to express, guess will share it in the next post! It's time to go sleep as tomorrow need to pray and cleaning up my place! Stay tuned ^^

Lastly, I wish all of you,